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In order to enter the Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition®, all fields in the form below that contain a red asterisk (*) must be completed. Before entering information into the form, we recommend performing the following steps to ensure the successful upload of contestant information and digital images:

  • Digital Image File Location: Place all digital image files to be uploaded (for example, TIFF, JPEG, PSD, AVI, MOV, etc.) into a single directory that is easy to access on your computer.
  • Specimen Information: Collect all necessary information pertaining to each specimen, such as magnification, preparation protocol, stains, dyes, fluorophores, contrast mechanism, and any specialized techniques used into a separate file (for example, a Word document, text document, etc.) for handy reference. The reference document can itself be uploaded with the digital images or used to "cut and paste" information into each Image Description form field. Judges and members of the media always want information on specimen size and/or magnification; be sure to include this.
  • Equipment Information: Details of the equipment setup must be included with each entry, including the microscope, camera system, software, custom components, and other significant information. Judges are not given this information when judging.
  • Image Sequences and Movies: Multiple still images that the entrant wants considered together as a single sequence must be consolidated into a zip file for submission. If submitting a movie, make the movie only as long as needed to depict the action you want the judges to review; make sure that each sequence depicts important visuals, action or data.
  • Scientific Significance: The scientific significance (if any) should be included in the specimen description. For image sequences or collections that should be judged together as a single entry, include the "story" behind the images. If you want us to judge multiple frames as a single entry, please specify this here as well.

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I confirm that I have read the rules of the Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition®, I understand them and I agree to be bound by their terms. I also consent to the use of my name and likeness, and the use of my award winning images, without additional compensation in any media or format for any purposes deemed appropriate by Olympus in the promotion of the BioScapes competition. I attest to the fact that I am at least 18 years old, that I am not an employee of a company involved in the manufacture, sale or marketing of light microscopes, that these images are my original work and that I own the rights to my submitted images. My placing a checkmark in the "I AGREE" box appearing below will be considered my valid signature.

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